What features are included in my account?

All of them! Every account is given equal access to all  MySI features. Our team is working diligently to develop useful new features which we will be making available to all our customers. We want to make your experience as simple and worry-free as possible.

Your subscription price is based solely on your SKU count.

What happens after the first 30 days?

You won’t be charged a subscription fee for the first 30 days following account creation. After the first 30-day

free trial period you will be eligible to sign up for a subscription to MySI  of your choice based on your needs and pricing plans. There is no need to set up a new account—simply the subscription for your existing account. If you decide to close your account, you can close your data with no penalty or fees. Just inform us.

What Is Product License?

License activation (often just activation) is the procedure by which a piece of software is proven to be legitimately used.

Why Does Software Need Activated?

License activation helps prove that the product key or serial number being used is not pirated and that the software is being used on an appropriate account.

Depending on the software, choosing not to activate might prevent the software from running entirely, reduce the functionality of the software, watermark any output from the program, cause regular (usually very annoying) reminders, or may not have any effect at all.

What Is a License Key?

The license key is a usually unique, alphanumeric code of any length required by many software programs or services. They help software manufacturers ensure that their software was legally purchased/used.

How License Keys Are Used?

A license key is like a password for a software program. This password is given upon buying the product and can only be used with that specific application. The license key can only be used by one user account.

Where can I find my License Key?

After having made a successful purchase You can find the license key at MySI Online Store > My Account > Licenses page.

How Do I Activate My License?

If you’re are using MySI software product for the first time, you’re given the opportunity to not provide a license key for 30 days (Free Trial period). Once you’ve started to use it after the trial period, there’s an area in the settings where you can enter the License key to activate it MySI > Account Menu > License > Add New License > Enter License and Press Save button.

What to do if My License Key can not be activated?

In case of any activation issues please submit a support request via MySI Contact Form.